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Aluminium 1

3000 GBP

Dimensions (cm): 89 x 118.9
Edition 20

ChromaLuxe is a fine art archival print on slim line 1.2mm aluminium with a sub-frame on the back for hanging. The ChomaLuxe process produces an artwork of intense depth and colour. They are highly durable and require no frame or glass. The 8 dye sublimation inks we use for the production of your work consist of a solid and heat intensive dye. Your image or artwork is first printed as a Giclee print using these inks, on to transfer paper, which is then applied to a specially coated 1.2mm aluminium panel. Using both heat and pressure the dye particles change into a gas, bond with the polymers in the aluminium, and then change back into a solid state; fusing the image and aluminium together. In addition, ChromaLuxe prints are also archival, waterproof, fire resistant, chemical resistant and abrasion resistant.

Please note all framed prints are pick-up only from our studio in Fulham, London.


Acclaimed still life photographer Richard Foster’s personal work a self published monograph and a collection of abstract and figurative photographs taken over the last ten years presented as printed and framed Giclée and ChromaLuxe prints.

Richard's reputation as one of the preeminent photographers in the field of still life, has his skills called upon from all over the world. Working mainly in the luxury goods industry, he specialises in making products look aspirational through beautifully lit, textural images. Richard’s clients include Burberry, Prada, Mulberry, Rolls-Royce, Vogue, DeBeers, Glenfiddich, Johnny Walker and many more.